Kit Humbaugh

Social and emotional learning curriculum/program used:

Sanford Harmony at Elementary is district wide, secondary varies.


Schools implementing social and emotional education and skills development in the district:

School Level
# of Schools

Sanford Harmony
Degree of implementation varies from school to school

High Five sponsored by the Eckerd Foundation
School based decision at to what course High Five is taught in, grade level, and occurences

Aspire - The River Project - Making Healthy Choices
Offered in all high schools during Health courses



Strategies, practices, and approaches implemented in the district for the following areas along with grade levels implemented:

Resilience-building strategies
Sanford Harmony, K-2 Transition classes, small groups led by social workers, and counselors,

Positive school climate efforts
PBIS, Professional development to staff on positive school climate, teacher self-care, Web and Link programs at grades 6 and 9,

Trauma informed practices
ACES training, Trauma training from SEDNET, YMHFA, Professional Development for staff on SEL,

Student-led initiatives
PBIS, Web and Link programs, Teen Town Hall (student led/community participation),

Character education
Sanford Harmony, High Five, Aspire - The River Project, PBIS, Social Skills clases/Character Ed at various schools,

Restorative practices Tier 1 approaches
Some staff trained in Conscious Discipline, Restorative Practices - multiple schools are implementing restorative practices in classrooms



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