Ralph Aiello
Director, School Counseling & BRACE Advisement

Social and emotional learning curriculum/program used:

Conscious Discipline; Second Step; Sandy Hook Promise; Rachel's Challenge; PBIS; EverFi, LEAPS, Lauren's Kids; Sanford Harmony; Suite 360; Cloud 9; Inner Explorer; Wuf Shanti; Adulting 101; Suite 360;


Schools implementing social and emotional education and skills development in the district:

School Level
# of Schools

Elementary schools use a variety of resources, implemented though multiple modalities based upon their unique campus culture. SEL is integrated into core subject areas, taught explicitly, and/or as part of school-wide climate initiatives

The Re-Imagining Middle Grades initiative is a primary focus of our District's Strategic Plan. Schools receive extensive professional development using Conscious Discipline (CD) to promote social-emotional skill changes in teachers, staff, administrators, and parents so they can effectively instill these same skills in children. CD asks adults to change their perceptions and responses to conflict in order to model positive behaviors and provide positive behavioral supports. When teachers teach from a CD mindset, teacher-student relationships authentically deepen and the school climate in enhanced. Approximately half of the middle schools also use Second Step for explicit SEL instruction with all students.

The Personalized Academic and Social-Emotional Learning (PASL) initiative is an organic process for schools to develop ways of building relationships between adults and students, teaching goal setting, and implementing regular progress monitoring through a rapid check-in process. Schools have wide latitude in their implementation plans, but collaborative engage in a continuous improvement model for best practice sharing.



Strategies, practices, and approaches implemented in the district for the following areas along with grade levels implemented:

Resilience-building strategies

Positive school climate efforts

Trauma informed practices
Family Therapists provide mental health therapy in all grades for students and families, including trauma-informed care. BCPS adopted trauma-focused, cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT).

Student-led initiatives
Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders (MTL); Latino's in Action; BRACE Cadets; Peer Forward; Best Buddies

Character education
Character Education (K-12) Newsletter with curriculum and support; Leader in Me; Cloud 9 World

Restorative practices Tier 1 approaches
Through community-based partnerships, BCPS provides restorative practice opportunities to students involved in an incident. Restorative practices place the key decisions into the hands of those most affected by negative actions.



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