Deidre Skaggs
Sr. Coordinator for School Counseling
863-534-0018 ext. 674

Social and emotional learning curriculum/program used:

Sanford Harmony K-5


Schools implementing social and emotional education and skills development in the district:

School Level
# of Schools

All the elementary school counselors received a Harmony “Train the Trainer” training so they could train their staff on how to implement Harmony at their school. All teachers have received a Harmony kit this pass school year and many teachers have implemented the program using the “Meet Up & “Buddy Up” activities within their classroom.





Strategies, practices, and approaches implemented in the district for the following areas along with grade levels implemented:

Resilience-building strategies
"Powerful You" curriculum which provides a real-life story from a child who has struggled, a powerful affirmation, self-discovery journaling questions and a variety of inspiring activities/tips for children that build resilience coping strategies, Second Step, Too Good for Violence, Student Success Skills. K-5

Positive school climate efforts
CHAMPS, BPIS, SEL, Leader in Me, Harmony, Precious Not Prickly, Ready to Learn, Implementing student and staff activities that celebrate and recognize how awesome the staff and students are.

Trauma informed practices
Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency training for staff. K-12

Student-led initiatives
Peer Mediation, Leader in Me, & Student Mentoring

Character education
Keys to Character, Sanford Harmony, Leader in Me, Precious Not Prickly K- 5

Restorative practices Tier 1 approaches



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