Indian River


Sharon Packard
Coordinator of Mental Health Services

Social and emotional learning curriculum/program used:

Sanford Harmony, Conscious Discipline, Botvin Life Skills Training, Ripple Effects, Second Step, Leader in Me, Character Counts, Panorama (Playbook)


Schools implementing social and emotional education and skills development in the district:

School Level
# of Schools

Most elementary schools adopted Sanford Harmony; however, there is one school that implements Conscious Discipline (school-wide with fidelity) and another that elected to implement Leader in Me. We supplement with Second Step, Character Counts, and Ripple Effects in certain schools. Several schools also adopted the Kids at Hope philosophy, and the District recently hosted a two day training for school leaders to continue this effort. Botvin LST is facilitated with fidelity in 5th grade (in lieu of DARE) by a community partner. All elementary schools received K-5 SEL book bundles (Byron V. Garrett - Scholastic) to promote SEL through literacy and ELA efforts. Finally, teachers have access to the Panorama SEL Playbook. All elementary schools implement PBIS with fidelity.

Botvin Life Skills Training is facilitated with fidelity in grades 6-8. Middle schools use a combination of Sanford Harmony and targeted lessons focused on the SEL core competencies. Lessons are typically provided during their home room periods. Efforts are ongoing to improve integration in all classrooms. All middle schools have access to Ripple Effects as a tiered support option, as well as the Panorama SEL Playbook. All middle schools implement PBIS with fidelity.

High schools promote evidence-based SEL practices and they both implement PBIS with fidelity. They also utilize restorative practices, and Ripple Effects is available as a tiered support option. Teachers have access to the Panorama SEL Playbook.



Strategies, practices, and approaches implemented in the district for the following areas along with grade levels implemented:

Resilience-building strategies
Ongoing professional development for staff/faculty and utilization of SEL programming and practices.

Positive school climate efforts
100% implementation of PBIS, ongoing professional development for staff/faculty, coaching and consultation with school leaders, Panorama SEL Student Survey, and integration of SEL in MTSS framework.

Trauma informed practices
Ongoing professional development, pilot program with 4 schools focused on creating trauma-informed educational environments with primary goals focused on SEL competency development and greater inclusion for students in more restrictive learning environments.

Student-led initiatives
Restorative practices (student-led circles), Out of the Darkness suicide prevention walk (planning for 2020-2021 school year), working to help establish Sandy Hook Promise Clubs, GSAs and Q+ Club

Character education
SEL programming and lessons

Restorative practices Tier 1 approaches
SEL programming (e.g., Sanford Harmony includes meet ups and buddy up activities that are restorative in nature). Staff/faculty professional development and previous high school student trainings.

Celebrating Say Something Week and integrating the Sandy Hook Promise Say Something and Start with Hello programs in spring 2020.


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